Being part of the Impact and Legacy mission is for Souls who recognize the power of Loveness and other true principles that have great growth in their lives and they want to not only continue to step into the highest version of themselves but also support, share and influence others on the same evolutionary path. It’s a community of like-minded Souls who understand they are Love & Oneness and deeply desire to not only embrace this foundational law in their own lives, but also do everything they can to create impact in the world by embodying these principles.

While there are many amazing organizations that provide opportunity and many that provide training, Impact & Legacy is combining both to allow us all to grow spiritually, emotionally and financially as we embrace Love and Oneness in ourselves and others. The leadership at Legacy & Impact believe those who embrace and share the message should be rewarded for their impact and influence so they can create the legacy they’ve always desired.

If you’re interested in becoming part of this community, please click on the link below and Dave Lundgren or someone on the leadership team will personally reach out to discuss this opportunity